Monday, January 27, 2014



Our New Year started out with McKay getting a UTI (which he is not supposed to get and is on antibiotics prophylactically to prevent them- because he has reflux back into his kidneys and the infection could get in his kidneys). He was REALLY sick with a really high fever and because we know he's at a high risk for UTI's we took him in to the doctor pretty quick and got him started on antibiotics which helped SO MUCH! We felt so blessed to be able to live in this country at this time to get the medical help we need for our boys!

My boys! I'm one lucky girl!

 Link's birthday! I can't believe my little boy is FOUR YEARS OLD!!

Word World!

Aunt Kristen came and gave all the boys haircuts! Thanks Aunt Kiki!

The boys learned how to sit and they look like such big boys!

 Whenever I turn my back for a second I usually find something like this!

These two love each other! Every morning they are facing each other in their cribs, pulling down the bumper pads and talking to each other. Too cute!

 They also learned to scoot and they scoot anywhere and everywhere. 




Koop getting excited for Christmas!

 Nutcracker with Sister-in-Laws

The magic of Christmas

 Festival of Trees

UNO! Link was way into UNO for months and we'd play it all day long. He got some new games for Christmas so we still play cards all day (go fish, spot it, blink) along with UNO!

 Painting with his letters
 Writing in the snow

Building a snowman

 Christmas morning! 

Uno at Grandma's house.

Putting together his USA map with Grandpa.


The boys love going on walks!

7 month old picture

Link's alphabet words are getting BIGGER!

Candy Turkey

Making "Christmas Shoeboxes" with his cousins

 The three boys!


Sorry it's been half a year! I'll do an update month by month with pics!


Link cutting his alphabet over and over

 We started a JoySchool with some moms in the area. Link loves going to school and "learning" his letters!

McKay got a helmet to fix his head shape. He had torticollis and could only turn his head to one side which caused that side to be super flat. I was really nervous that the helmet would make him grumpy or that he wouldn't be able to sleep well but he didn't miss a beat! He was amazing with it! 

 Link learned the song "Fifty Nifty United States" and is really into the states. He's been learning where all the states are and loves to label maps. He's kinda OCD and has to label them in alphabetical order from Alabama to Wyoming!

 We went to the Zoo with daddy!

Writing the states on his chalkboard (New Jersey to Oregon)

 Link was a hostess cupcake for Halloween

Saturday, August 24, 2013


My mom is Wonder-Grandma and painted a wall of her basement with chalkboard paint. We send Link down there it chalk away. I love going down there to discover what he's written. It usually looks like this...
 Or this...
Or this!


 Markers, pens


Nest, octopus, plane



 Brandon (he has an Uncle Brandon), math, umbrella